"Lynda's Law" English Insurance companies should recognise North Cyprus.

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Insure and Go travel insurance, The Home office and both the English and Southern Cypriot Repatriation Companies miss  treated both myself and the body of my late Mother. Following her death in North Cyprus 15th April, i obtained a North Cyprus court document stating no postmortem was required, an embarming certificate and a fit to fly document, they even offered to repatriate her via Turkey within 5 days. Following this Insure and go moved her body over to South Cyprus and proformed a full postmortem on her agaist our wishes and that of offical court documents issued in North Cyprus. They held her body from the 18th until 28th April with little or no contact and left me alone in a foreign land scared with no one to turn to. To date i have 2 death certificates and 2 embalming certificates. One in Turkish with the correct date of death and one in Greek with the 18th! Upon my return: all offical persons will only use the Turkish death certificate as this is the "offical document" The propaganda that was used upon me was horrendous the Greek Rep said " She has to fly through South Cyprus as we are part of the Eu, we will deal with her correctly, the Turks will miss treat her and her body will be refused at Manchester Airport" he also said before collecting my mothers body " Tell these people that you wish for your mother to be buried over in South Cyprus as they won't  release her" This was all lies and propaganda at its best as the Turkish Cypriots didn't even ask they were Courteous, considerate, kind and respected all of my wishes. This situation can not happen to another European family. I want my Mother to finally rest in peace and I want the law changing, I think Lynda"s Law is the answer. All insurance companies should recognise North Cyprus regardless of there political state and they should all have a Turkish Cypriot Rep ready to deal with these situations. I must also state that the Home office made no contact with me, leaving me to be subject to this vile behavour. The insurance company found the cheepest hell hole and left me there with no contact.