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Started by Kristin Grady

Carrie Fisher deserves a star!

I could no longer wear this powerful costume in public without letting people know:

“Even in space, there’s a double standard for women.”

-Carrie Fisher

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has some pretty strict rules about who gets one. Plus, a star requires a “fee” of $50,000.

This petition specifically demands The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce changes their archaic posthumous “5-year-waiting period” rule for two reasons:

1. Living people are awarded stars all the time, so that makes NO sense.
2. This is CARRIE FISHER! She is royalty both on and off-screen, this honor is LONG overdue.

I have applied to become a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and if accepted, I plan on making positive changes from within.

Long-term goals for this project include starting a non-profit where cosplayers petition for women’s rights issues!

Project Details: #AStarForCarrie Public Performance Art and Non-Profit Start-Up

Ways to contribute to the project:

PayPal: paypal.me/ImaginationForSale 

Venmo: @ImaginationForSale

CashApp: $GeneralOrganaStar

If you would rather contribute directly to the $50,000 “fee” required by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for a star, I will not be taking money out of this crowdfund for project expenses:

GoFundMe: #AStarForCarrie

It's up to the fans to let the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce know that we want Carrie Fisher immortalized on the Walk of Fame. All the little kids who were so excited to sign the petition for Princess Leia's Star deserve to know that Leia is equal to Luke. Sign the petition!

337 have signed. Let’s get to 500!