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US Department of Justice investigate Phila Municipal Judge Patrick F Dugan

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Please sign our petition urging the US Department of Justice to investigate the miscarriage of justice in the case of the Commonwealth vs. Lt. Jonathan Josey. On Tuesday February 26th, 2013, Municipal Judge Patrick F. Dugan made a mockery of the justice system when he declared Lt. Josey not guilty of simple assault. Judge Patrick Dugan abused his power when he made disparaging remarks about the Puerto Rican community from the bench classifying us all as dangerous lawless people.
We are sure you are aware of the video taken by a resident that was celebrating on September 30, 2012 after Puerto Rican Day Parade festivities; the video went viral making national news. What we saw was a big muscular Philadelphia Police Officer punch Ms. Aida Guzman, a small, unarmed woman . After viewing the video, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey fired Lt. Jonathan Josey. District Attorney Seth Williams brought assault charges against Josey, and Mayor Michael Nutter apologized to Aida Guzman on behalf of the city.
There were numerous improprieties in this case that call for the Department of Justice to step in on this case to investigate Municipal Judge Patrick F. Dugan. Dugan failed to disclose that he is married to a Philadelphia Police Officer who was in his courtroom supporting Jonathan Josey during the trial where there was standing room only filled with Police Officers. Judge Dugan was also endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police on November 3, 2009 in his quest for the benc. Although it is not necessary for him to recuse himself, Judge Dugan should have, at the very least, disclosed these facts to the prosecution and the attorney for Ms. Guzman. . Nor did Judge Dugan disclose that his mortgage is held by the Police and Fire Union. These facts make it difficult for us as a community to believe that Judge Dugan would have made an unbiased decision.

More troubling is that this mockery of justice in the Philadelphia Court system seems systemic whenever an officer is accused of a crime. This reprehensible and flagrant behavior needs to stop and those responsible held accountable.
This case has led many of us in the City of Philadelphia to lose confidence in our judicial system. It's time the U.S. Justice Department lived up to its stated mission and provides accountability for those who perverted justice. We demand that the Department investigate this matter.
We also demand that our elected federal lawmakers urge Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the matter and leave no stone uncovered. Additionally, we ask the ACLU of Pennsylvania to join the call urging the Justice Department to launch an immediate and thorough investigation into this disturbing travesty of justice.
Sign this petition and join us as we DEMAND RESPECT from our JUSTICE SYSTEM!!

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