The Hills Shire Council want to widen our roads and introduce lane-ways on our properties.

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Council want to widen our roads and introduce lane ways at the rear of our properties. This will significantly reduce the size of our properties.

Hello Residents,

You are probably aware by now that the recent release of the draft DCP has not provided residents on the northern side of Showground Road with any favourable changes with respect to uplift to each of our properties, other than the provision to build town houses, which most of you agree is not beneficial.

Our land has been zoned R3 and the proposed DCP changes will adversely affect our properties for the following reasons:

·       The introduction of new rear laneway requirements and road widening requirements and therefore

·       The developable area of our blocks will be reduced, whilst not receiving any uplift benefits such as building height and increased gross floor space.

Residents will not be motivated to sell their properties to developers, so they can subsequently build townhouses, as the commercial benefits of selling our properties in most cases will not be feasible, and we will likely not receive any more than our properties are currently worth even without the new zoning.  Council may be under the false impression that the rezoning of our properties to townhouses is sufficient justification to warrant the road widening and rear lane introductions.  

The purpose of widening these roads is to accommodate for the increases in traffic that will be generated by the greater density associated with the redevelopment of other areas of the Showground Precinct.  Again, our properties are zoned for townhouses and will unlikely be developed from their current form, and as such will not benefit from any greater density.  The result is, that the northern side of Showground Road will not contribute to the increased traffic.

The laneways and road widening requirements were never in the NSW Planning or Hills Corridor Study plans and have only been introduced in the final weeks before completion of the DCP. “Road widening will also be a very onerous and expensive process due to relocation of utilities especially if on a piece meal basis.

There is no mention of compensation for the loss of land due to the proposed road widening or that residents will be compensated in any manner.

Laneways might be privately owned. If so, we would then be required to maintain the land at our own expense and will be responsible for the associated public liability insurance. Also, it is probable that due to the R3 lane being a brown field site, laneways will have dead ends with only one entrance and exit point. Hence garbage trucks will have to reverse to exit the laneway. The death of a grandmother at Manly, highlights the dangers of garbage trucks reversing in narrow streets with narrow footpaths. Drivers have limited vision and pedestrians have reduced options in avoiding a truck. Plantings along the escape points (while improving amenity) may compound this risk.

There are still many more reasons why we will be disadvantaged by having the road widening and rear laneways forced upon us.  It is highly recommended you pursue your own investigations, however, for the reasons stated above, it is imperative that we act to maintain the integrity of our properties, and not have Council force controls upon us that do nothing but disadvantage the value of our properties now and into the future.

If you agree to the following

1.     To remove the requirement for road widening for properties zoned R3.

2.     Laneways not be introduced for properties zoned R3.

Then please sign NOW.