All B roads in kyle of Lochalsh to be repaired

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Over the past few years locals have had to endure deterioration of our local roads, no matter how much we have raised these concerns to the Highland Council, nothing has been done besides filling the pot holes with gravel and then crumble 2 days later. The amount of vehicles passing through these streets daily, are subsequently higher than what the roads were built for, zero major repairs have been attempted in years. The roads are sinking, cracking and nothing is getting done, this has a serious impact on our vehicles and makes the risk of an accident inevitable, having to dodge these serious hazards. 

It's about time something was done before something serious happens. 

I think I speak for most residents in the area when I say that we are sick of being forgotten about, and made to deal with the diabolical road conditions. We are sick of spending money repairing damage to our cars monthly, from coil springs, tyres, shocks, ball joints, tracking and bust alloys. It's unacceptable, and we will not stand for it anymore.