End child slavery in the chocolate industry.

End child slavery in the chocolate industry.

October 10, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Good Cocoa Co.

Cocoa — it's a fruit.
And it has the power to be good.

But there is still child slavery behind the chocolate bars we buy at the register. 

Chocolate industry leaders exploit people for profit through forced and child labor.

Sign to stop it. 

The world knows that the chocolate industry is exploiting children:

"Mars, Nestlé and Hershey pledged nearly two decades ago to stop using cocoa harvested by children. Yet much of the chocolate you buy still starts with child labor." - The Washington Post

"2.1 million West African children still do the dangerous and physically taxing work of harvesting cocoa. What will it take to fix the problem?" - FORTUNE

But the solution is simple.

Mars, Nestlé and Hershey need cut slave owners out of their payroll.

At @goodcocoaco, it’s clear that these companies need ethical sources of cocoa. And if they fund #nonprofits who send rescue — together, we can put a stop to slavery in the chocolate business.

Your help is needed to put pressure on these industry leaders to stop exploiting  young children, forcing them to harvest cocoa.

Sign this petition to cut slave owners out of our chocolate supply.

Sign this petition to require ethical sourcing from big chocolate companies.

Sign it to free kids from exploitation and end child labor from every chocolate bar.

Sign it to end it! ❌ 

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Signatures: 20Next Goal: 25
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