Bring this to an end-don’t buy their chocolate until the companies stop using child labour

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We all love chocolate, but did you know that our favorite treats are tainted by the ongoing use of child labor? Children in West African cocoa industry are forced to do labour works such as harvesting cocoa, and most of them started to work since their age of 5.

According to The World Counts statistics, there are more than 200 million children involved in the child labour industry, where they are exposed to violence and psychologically traumatic environments. Seventy-three million of these children, are under the age of 10.

Children have to climb up and down the trees to get the cocoa pods with machetes. Some of the children fall to the ground and die, and others lose their limbs due to chainsaw accidents. YES, children lost their body parts by working accidents would not just happen during the Industrial Revolution, what we learnt in History class about child labour is still damaging and DESTROYING the children in twenty one century.

It has been almost thirteen years since chocolate companies committed to ending this exploitation, these abuses continue. However big brands like Nestle and Hershey are still using child labour. These children worked in a very unacceptable condition and you can’t imagine they get paid nothing or a very small amount of money by such popular brands.

I believe children in Africa can have a BIG future just like you and me. It’s time to say “no” to Nestle and Hershey’s product, by doing this, we can stop them keep using child labour, let’s tell them the truth- people worth more than money. You wouldn’t want to contribute a company that only cares about their own benefit and gives children nothing for their hard works, would you?