Allow Herron Students to Carry Lunchboxes With Them

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Not allowing students to carry their lunch boxes with them is entirely nonsensical. Students are forced to take long trips to lockers they may not even use. A student may have second period on the first floor of Fessler, and have a short trip to the lunch room. But what if their locker is in the basement of Russel? This requires a lengthy trip not only to retrieve their lunch but also wastes time after lunch to return it. They are much more likely to be late returning to class, and lose a significant amount of time to an already short lunch period.

Furthermore, any benefits of storing one's lunch in their locker can easily be circumvented.

 "It keeps students from eating in class"

A log for eating in class will just as easily prevent this as a log for having a lunch box with them does. Students can also easily keep snacks in their backpack to eat during class. Not having their lunch box will not prevent them from eating.

"Lunch boxes take up too much space around the classroom."

 This is simply false. A lunch box can be placed under a student's chair, entirely out of the way.

 "A lunch box is a safety hazard - students could conceal something in it."

A student could just as easily hide something in a pencil pouch, solid binder, or laptop case in their backpack. If a student truly wished to hide something, not having a lunchbox would not keep them from doing so. Not to mention, several students already use clear lunch boxes, see-through tupperware, or ziplock bags to store their food. Everything in these is clearly visible.

To conclude, forcing a student to store their lunch box in their locker is extremely inconvenient, and without any real benefits. The students of Herron respectfully ask that this policy be repealed.