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The Governments of the World of Planet Earth

Dear Heads of Government

We, the undersigned, represent a collective of Light Workers of the World.

We each have unique gifts of insight and enhanced psychic senses, extra sensory perception and divine wisdom. Our abilities include clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, premonition, telepathy, remote viewing, faith healing, reiki healing, energy healing, sound and light healing, medical intuition, levitation, astral travel, mediumship, communicating with the dead, speaking with angels, contact with extra-terrestrial life, guiding others, performing exorcisms, psychometry, palmistry, tarot card reading, astrology, automatic writing, space clearing, divination, crystal communication, crystal healing, mind reading, future predictions, future seeing.

These skills have been being developed in the human population since the dawn of civilisation. We hope that you will take notice of our petition.

We are writing to advise you of our solemn warning to immediately cease all wars, resolve all hostile differences and seek peace on earth without further delay. Every head of government must immediately cease all hostility and carry out humanitarian actions to preserve the current community of all life on earth which includes all people and all animals and plant life. All action and effort is to be cooperative and concentrated on stabilising civilisation and preventing further loss of plant and animal species and critical habitat effective immediately.

The prediction states that when all current wars and unrest cease, and cooperative peace is in place, we will then be contacted by extra-terrestrial life. At this time, directly after the solar eclipse of August 2017, while there is global unrest, major weather events causing disasters and flooding, and the expansion of consciousness occurring throughout the world, including exposure of the laws of attraction, higher consciousness, alternative dimensions, the principles of manifesting thoughts and the restructuring of capitalist practices, our karmic reward for making a global shift in our direction for the achievement of world peace, will be, the contact and merger of our entire human civilisation with extra terrestrial life.

Known as "The coming of the beings of light", The Anishabe Prophesy of the 8th Fire, the Pleiadian Ascension, the Planetary Ascension into the 5th Dimension, and The Orion Prophesy, amongst others. Nostradamus predicted this time would attract an alien invasion but in fact, it is to be a merger with alien life and higher life forms and is documented in Mayan and Egyptian records throughout the world. It represents an indicator of a period of 2000 years of world peace, joy and unity.

The prophesy and prediction explains that these life forms will merge with us on our earth, contacting us and sharing with us their incredible technology resulting in a period of 2000 years of world peace including advancements in all areas of technology as well as the development and initiation of intergalactic space travel in which the earth is engineered to travel as though a spaceship, through the galaxy, becoming a vehicle and an Ark for all life on earth.

The knowledge they wish to share is incredible and will lift all life on earth into a global utopia, advancing our communication abilities, education and language capacity, our adaptation and use of medical advancements, knowledge and technology at a rate we have only dreamed of. Our mind powers will increase exponentially and it is envisioned there will be mass enlightenment occuring. This is going to be a period of exponential unlimited advancement for all life on earth including salvation of our atmosphere and solving of all our environmental problems. This contact will save our entire earth and prevent future wars and civil unrest as our global consciousness is transformed.

Several contacts have been made with psychics, metaphysical intuitives and light workers, already the world over. Slowly we have acknowledged these contacts but often felt powerless to contact you. These beings are eager to begin integration with us but are too afraid to make a formal contact approach because our world is constantly at war amongst itself. They are unable to contact us until we are at peace. War is a foreign concept to them because they are highly enlightened and only wish to share their light, friendship and technology throughout the universe. They are beings of love and understanding. They are particularly interested in helping planet earth. We believe there is no reason whatsoever to be afraid of them or of their arrival intended as soon as possible in the near future (within the next 6-8months).

Our earth is very important to them because of their evolutionary path. They have never had a purely physical form as they originated in an alternative dimension of space and time nothing like that of our earth and solar system.

For the good of all life on earth and our future advancement, for the protection of our planet earth as an Ark and the integration of alien life with our own, for the amazing new technologies and other life forms that we stand to benefit from, for the achievement of world peace and the onset of 2000 years of world peace and global utopia, as it is our destiny, we ask that you instruct your administrators, agencies and military, to immediately cease all hostilities as outlined above.

What we have to look forward to is our most incredible achievement and a magnanimous reward from all creation, please adhere to our advice.

With light and love,

For the protection of our planet earth,

Our one and only Ark,

With grace,

Most respectfully,

and sincerely,


The Light workers of the World

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