Suggested reforms to the Indian schooling system

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Instead of fundamentally reforming the construct that is the educational system of CBSE, this petition will aim to mend and/or modify practices that are already in place and are detrimental to the growth of students, the proposed changes to the system are as follows:-

1.Easier tests for students excelling at extracurriculars- This suggestion requires schools to offer students who excel in a particular extracurricular activity reduced course load in the form of easier tests, this would allow the excelling students to perform better in their activity of interest. This would not lead to a decline in the academic intellect of students because of two reasons: firstly, students will qualify for receiving this benefit only on a singular test, eg:- A student attending a Model UN conference that spans the weekend would take easier tests for that week only, henceforth discouraging complacency of any sort during or after the time period. Secondly, students who fail in 2 or more of these easier tests wouldn’t be eligible to receive this benefit in the future.

2.Implementation of an interaction period in schools-An interaction period would mainly serve as a time period where students and teachers will be encouraged to openly communicate about every topic under the sun except the subject taught by the teacher, the function of this period would be to remove existing barriers between the students and the teachers, rather than making the students knowledgeable about the subject taught by the concerned teacher. Students and teachers would be encouraged to exchange perspectives on different matters that are pertinent to their life. This period would serve to infuse dynamism amongst students and teachers alike. The idea is that the nullification of communication barriers between the two parties would lead to more effective teaching.