The Annulment of Final Assignments for 2016 Gunn School Year

Spot the errors in just one sentence from Ms H. Wheeler's email: Thank you for you patience this past week while we waiting and for your understanding with this typo. The "typo" was sending out the wrong date for the re-test. The list from the Principal has more re-taking Spanish AP than took took it the first time. Even if the number taking it next Fri is correct they all cannot be re-takes. This is typical of the lack of care taken by faculty and staff at Gunn. Mistakes happen more frequently when there are no consequences and when you have an attitude of not owning the mistake. Note its "this typo "not "my typo". Of course it is not a typo. You do not hit the 0 key accidentally instead of the 7 key. When the consequences of mistakes are serious as they clearly are in this case adherence to the rules should be checked and rechecked. This is not the fault of the proctors, who I understand are volunteers, but those in charge who should be providing adequate instruction and supervision.

Little has been said of how these mistakes were discovered. My understanding is the seating plan revealed two adjacent students were given the same paper. I surmise that the seating plan did not give distances and that was then investigated. If there was an on site observation it would have been discovered immediately.

You now no why pay rises based on performance are so vigorously resisted by the teacher's union. The many excellent teachers at Gunn and elsewhere who have to observe the inequity at close hand have my sympathy. It will be those teachers who will be putting the welfare of the students first.

Thanks Emily for setting this up. At least we can vent even if the school ignores it.

WALTER MURRAY, Palo Alto, CA, United States
5 years ago
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