Brumscape - University of Birmingham Old School Runescape Society

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Brumscape are petitioning to the Guild of Students to create Brumscape as The University of Birmingham's Old School Runescape Society.

As the worlds largest MMORPG and with numerous players at UoB we want to start this society to bring together all players of this incredibly detailed and expansive universe to enjoy the social side of the game. There is a very high interest in the game at UoB and creating a society will allow a great social environment to be created. 

Why do we want a society?

  • To bring together all players to allow for a collective university identity encouraging interaction between the numerous players at the university
  • To encourage people embrace their hobby and to become more engage with the university social life
  • To allow us to hold larger scale events and meet ups e.g. group sessions with 40+ members playing together
  • Make us of the Universities excellent facilities to improve our playing experience and increase the players at the university
  • Runescape is not only the largest game in the world by player count with over 200+ million accounts created, but one of the largest lores in the world


What would our society do?

  • Hold weekly meetings between players to play the game and indulge in the social aspect of the game
  • Bring all players of the game Old School Runescape (OSRS) together in one place
  • Group activities in game and outside of the game
  • Group trips to conventions dedicated to the game e.g. Runefest and trips to Runescape conventions
  • Teach players about the game and help members learn and give them a comfortable place to indulge their hobby
  • Bring together the numerous players at UoB
  • In the ever growing E-sports world, we would be the first university Runescape society, gaining notoriety among the 200 million strong community and bringing press to the university among the community


Rest of details included in Guild application