Petition- Rights to own properties! Against arbitrarily deprive.

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Politic petition

•       I am petitioning all the dictators in the autocracy states! The rights I am petitioning is the rights of the properties, which also were the Article 17 on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I’m petitioning to the lists of dictators to give the rights of properties to its’s citizens. In the article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, it states that:

(1)   Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

(2)   No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

And to make them more comprehendible, easier to follow, it also can be addressed as

•       (1) All citizens has the right to own their own property and also has the right to associate with other citizens and people.
(2) No one could be arbitrarily deprived or say to take over another people’s property without permission of them.

•       The citizens of any states has the right to held their own properties and the properties should not be confiscated by other people. All property has right to be own by the owner of the property, LIKE HOUSING, MONEY AND ALL SORTS OF PROPERTIES, and also has the right to associate with others.

•       I am also petitioning all lists of people and leaders from democracy states to pressure the autocracy states in the United Nation, deterrence the dictators with economic sanction and bring their views up in the UN to get other states to be addressed on this question.

•       This right is an indubitably non- controversial rights, as everyone in the world should have the right to held his own properties, the properties of people should not be confiscated by anyone else without the permission of the owner.

•       Imagine back  to the history, the fact that Hitler confiscate the properties from Jews, Nazi party formed Nuremburg Law to deprived the rights and properties of Jews, which finally lead to worth situation. A current global scenario was the North Korea, the citizens don’t have any proper ‘ right’ in the country, and the properties of the citizens could be deprived by the government easily.

At last, I petitioned the lists of leaders from the democratic societies, especially the countries that held the permanent seat in the UN, to take action against on the society without the right of owning properties, much appreciated!