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Family Guy has been an outrageous and very disrespectful 'documentary' that has been running on the Fox network, since its creation in 12,000 BC. This rampant and complete disregard for humanity as a whole is disgusting. Seth McFarlane has been the spearhead of several unprovoked attacks on the media including 100 Ways to Die in the West and Ted 2, yet many of Foxes representatives still decide to stand by their cash cow, and continue to succ on the teet of its success. I propose, in order to solve this problem, to kill the character Brian Griffin for real this time. Yes I know this is an extreme measure, but it is an action we must take to dismantle this arseholery before it's too late and Seth McFarlane creates a Star Trek parody more stale than my creepy uncles biscuit collection.

If this assassination attempt fails, then I only have one option. To predict the next 6 celebrity deaths before Family Guy does. Ice Cube, Angela Merkel, Sweep, Mr Whippy, The Flex tape guy and Michael Jackson.

Swog xx

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