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Surrogacy...not a social evil but a 'necessity' for women with uterine health concerns ::

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The women with uterine health issues like, uterus absent by birth, malformed uterus, removed for any health reasons like cancer, recurrent abortions/miscarriages, multiple ivf failures, cardiac/renal/hypertension/diabetis kind of health issues feel it as a boon in disguise, to take service of another women sometimes within family or an outsider offering some remuneration for loss of working days, little more health concerns....!!!

It should not be compared with something like organ donation or slavery or utilisation of a human for some unlawful purpose but should piously be viewed as a woman helping out another on genuine reasons, of course some money is paid in lieu of the time spared and help extended.

There haven't been any disputes for all last one and half a decade, among any two stake holders like surrogates (aptly called as 'gestational carriers'), intending parents(lately called as 'commissioning couples') or service providers on any issues like health of surrogates, claim on babies born, remuneration to surrogates or breach of contract etc except one or two stray incidents of foreign couples like of baby gammy case etc, which need not be considered while examining allowing of this wonderful process for helpless woman to achieve motherhood, a cherished wish of any Indian woman in our given culture and social perceptions.

Adoption can never be an alternative to this arrangement however nobler it may be otherwise, and which option always be left over for suhnobler couples but having an offspring is largely opted by any one and taking away that opportunity from such helpless women on all hypothetical analysis put forth by some organisations is not a justified thing, depriving of an opportunity for many a woman to save her marriage, since incapability of child bearing often lead to breakage of Indian marriage !

In light of these above facts, it's apt to consider the comprehensive ART bill drafted in 2010 by PMBhargava Committee after a long deliberations with any suitable small functional corrections by parliament withholding the limited purpose surrogacy bill 2016, to cover all issues concerned like ivf, gamete donation, surrogacy and everything involved in Assisted Reoroductuve Techniques field in our country, where all concerned issues too could be regulated Iike standards and ethics of medical services concerned, age and health related concerns, books and records maintainance, formation of governmental agencies to regulate the field of activity are envisaged accordingly keeping in view the welfare of all involved.

There is ofcourse every reason to avoid surrogacy services to foreigners as it paves way for multiple legal problems like citizenship issues, breakup of couples while it's in progress, abandonment of a child born for any reasons as are already seen in the last decade long service not only in India but elsewhere in the world, but considering it for OCIs is a genuinely justified as they are part of Indian society.

Before, taking a drastic step of total ban on commercial surrogacy allowing altruistic one only which is almost impossible in the given present day Indian social scenarios and but for emergence of nuclear family system of late, would affect innumerable infertile woman with said uterine health issues depriving them of an opportunity to have cherished motherhood, where women just not for the money involved, are volunteering for the cause as it gives them immense satisfaction in seeing a smile on the face of a co woman.

The unscrupulous arguments like the surrogacy is used for child trafficking, harvesting of organs for transplantation etc are baseless and wouldn't be resorted to by any one at least for the costs involved in the whole process and is monitored by the registered health service providers.

In the light of above facts, the 2010 draft of ART Bill may be examined and considered to have a comprehensive law on the field of human reproduction and fertility medicine in modern India.

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