Abolish Dolphin Captivity in Australia: Sea World and Coffs Harbour

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Dolphins are still kept in captivity in two places in Australia- Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour and Sea world in Queensland.

Dolphins can travel 160km in the ocean a day and dive up to 45m, an impossible thing to do if contained in captivity.

This unnatural, cruel environment is absolutely detrimental to the health and safety of Dolphins. Often, they are starved to perform tricks, stops them from using echolocation to its full extent and suffer anxiety from the confinement. Dolphins have been filmed banging their tails against the sides of their pools in attempt to either escape or commit suicide.

This petition MUST succeed. Any tank or enclosed pool is too cramped for a wild animal. 

Dolphins are not meant to be trained for human entertainment while suffering in tiny, highly unnatural/chlorinated pools.

This issue MUST be solved if Australia is truly an example of animal protection and welfare.

We request the abolishment of dolphin captivity in Australia if the dolphin is being kept in an artificial pool, being trained to do tricks for human entertainment, being forced to create an income for Dolphin Marine Magic or Seaworld QLD or has been taken away from its family. 

Large Salt water rehabilitation pools are needed if the dolphin is under health threat with immediate release once it has been helped. This should be a form of trafficking and should be ILLEGAL due to its inhumane properties.

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