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The Greenhouse Theatre Center: Please instill a "no wild/exotic animals" policy

Captive wild/exotic animals used for entertainment suffer a lifetime of misery.

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spatz centers, inc. bill and wendy spatz
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The recent rental of a monkey as a "photo prop" for the Kiss Kiss Cabaret new year's eve party has become a cause of concern for many animal-loving people in Chicago.
In addition to the research regarding how all captive capuchin monkeys suffer in captivity, the Kiss Kiss Cabaret was also provided with USDA documents containing infractions by the monkey's provider, Bill Hoffman of Animal Rentals, Inc. Such infractions include:

- A lamb, unable to stand, languished for three days until the USDA required Mr. Hoffman to seek veterinary care. The lamb was euthanized the next day.
- A hedgehog's bedding and food infested with cockroaches.
- "Excessive" infestation of flies in the capuchin monkey enclosure and unsanitary environment.
- Rabbits kept in a glass aquarium that had broken glass, with the sharp edges accessible to the rabbits.
- Goats with "severely overgrown" hooves. One goat's hoof had grown so long, it curled over and ran parallel to the ground.

Such infractions and living conditions are typical of all outfits that use animals for profit. Bill Hoffman's website,, states: "Let your audience experience the thrill of seeing giraffes, lions, tigers, and chimpanzees up close at your own event..."
Supporting businesses that exploit animals for "entertainment" is unacceptable.
Additionally, Capuchins, like other primates, can transmit diseases to humans. Hepatitis is the most feared, next to rabies. Capuchins can also be infected with more common ailments quite easily from humans since their immune system is not as strong as ours.

Although the Kiss Kiss Cabaret chose to continue with their "rental" of a monkey, we hope to prevent this from happening again. In an effort to cease supporting such businesses as Animal Rentals, Inc., we ask that all future contracts, between The Greenhouse Theatre and the theatre companies utilizing their space, include a "no exotic/wild animal" clause. The Chicago theatre community is host to thousands of talented human performers - let us keep the focus on them, and let us work toward seeing to it that captive, suffering animals that belong in the wild are released to sanctuary where they can enjoy a near-natural existence without being shuttled to nightclubs and parties.