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Denounce Paul Estrin and demand his resignation

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Paul Estrin's blog post, inanely titled "Why Gaza makes me sad," recently provided the Canadian public with a snapshot of the GPC's leadership. It was not a flattering picture.

The entirety of his blog post can be found here, providing it has not (rightly) been taken down yet:

The post is replete with patent Islamophobia, Orientalist stereotyping, despicable victim-blaming and outright falsehoods. Though Elizabeth May has stated she disagrees, and that Estrin's views on Gaza are not party policy, the Canadian public has yet to hear any comment on this unbelievable gem:

"In our culture, often activists are against colonialism, yet forget that their ancestors only a handful of generations ago partook in just that, enabling them to live the secure lives they currently enjoy, and the lives the live is at the benefit of economic colonialism …"

One can only imagine what the ellipsis saved him from admitting.

If anyone needs a translation, what he's saying there is: "Boy, centuries of brutal colonial genocide sure is great, isn't it! Aren't we all happy now? What do you mean 'Indigenous people'? Aren't they all extinct?" It should go without saying that attempting to justify Canada's atrocious treatment of Indigenous peoples is damaging to all those nations who are still struggling against the virulent racism that rhetoric like this perpetuates.

That the President of a major party could have the gall to write such a profoundly ignorant statement, and then have the recklessness to hit send, is baffling. That Elizabeth May and the Green Party leadership have not publicly denounced him, or demanded his resignation, is equally baffling. They must do so.

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