To change the current High School Schedule for Windsor-Essex County

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We're off to a great start, but we're not done.

Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition so far. It is truly incredible to see the support from so many people in the community. Although we have hit a remarkable milestone with over 800 signatures currently, it’s important to keep pushing forward. Every signature on this petition is another voice asking for change in our high school scheduling system. So, I ask each and every one of you to share this petition with friends and family. If everyone who has already signed can get at least five signatures each, then we can gain an additional 4000 supporters as a whole. This task may be difficult, but it’s a necessity if we ever wish for our high school students to return to some sense of normal in Windsor-Essex County. I will continue to update this petition periodically with more information on this campaign. Thank you for your support.

Sean O'Neil
1 year ago