To change the current High School Schedule for Windsor-Essex County

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Students, parents, teachers and other concerned members of the community who sign this petition feel that the current high school schedule in Windsor-Essex County is counter productive and causes an environment where students have difficulty learning, and are at risk of developing poor mental health.

Primarily, we want our government and local boards to be upfront about plans, and provide details about statistics that would allow for the progression back into a regular school system.

Secondly, by  February, we want change in our current system (granted case numbers in Windsor-Essex remain relatively the same or lower).

NOTE: The following changes must not all be met, granted popular vote does not fully support these decisions. However the students, parents and teachers who sign this are simply advocating that some of these changes do make their way into the current high school scheduling system by February 2021.

These changes should include:

  • -2x 150 minute classes every weekday.
  • -The removal of cohorts.
  • -The reinstatement of extra curricular activities that can sustain proper safety measures.
  • -Other high school activities such as Graduate Photos, Academic and Athletic Award ceremonies (virtual), and others, should return (with proper PPE and social distancing requirements).
  • A schedule based off of the current risk of COVID-19 in the area. (Example: If COVID-19 cases are surging throughout Windsor-Essex County, then the schedule should revert back to the current one for a short period of time (until the cases return back to a low number)) This means that this petition supports all other items listed, however it is not in opposition of ever reverting back to the current system, however only if necessary.

This petition recognizes the potential changes in the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the Windsor-Essex area. This petition is advocating for the well-being of students in all of Windsor-Essex. With this sentiment in mind, we acknowledge the necessity to keep students protected from the COVID-19 virus however we also are advocating for a system where students are receiving a proper education, as well as a good mental health. So we are in support of a system where the High School Schedule will change based on the amount of cases in Windsor-Essex, periodically, not just by Quadmester.