Petition for a Sustainable Planet

Petition for a Sustainable Planet

January 21, 2022
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To: The People of the World, The Grand Jury & Organizations Internationally

Our world is on the brink of many systems failing, including our ecological systems (food production and oceans), power generation capabilities and economies, as well as education, democracy, human rights and healthcare…

…the solution is to collaborate in a spirit of peace, harmony and equality...

The UN’s states their purpose for, “peace, dignity and equality on a healthy planet.” (  If they won’t live up to this mandate, then it’s up to us, the people of the world, to implement it for our world.

UN Charter Chapter 1, Article 1, 3: “To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character…”

Are they really solving these worldwide problems?  Why do these problems continue to exist today, after decades of the UN and other organizations creating awareness for these problems and offering solutions?  Maybe the solutions they present aren’t fixing the root cause of the problems.  We, the people, can work together to facilitate change worldwide by looking at new solutions, solutions that address the root cause of the problems and that challenge the status quo to create real change and make a real impact on creating a world that benefits all of its citizens.

From October 31st-November 12th, 2021 the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, revisited old technologies, made promises to reduce carbon footprints, all the while, jet-setting large numbers of people to the conference and motorcades of security, without new solutions for moving forward for a sustainable planet.  The usual “blah, blah, blah.”  John Rosebush of WDC Power, James Boyd Fuller of the World Alliance for Planetary Health and author of “Out of Balance,” & “Deep Calls to the Deep” and Richard M. Kiernicki, author of “The Capitalist’s Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital” have been working diligently to bring their revolutionary ideas to the people and to organizations worldwide to solve the many problems our world faces today.  You can help by signing this petition to bring these solutions that aren’t being given the attention they deserve to the people of the world and organizations internationally.  We need new, truly innovative ideas to create sustainable living and sustainable growth for humanity, not a reworking of the old ideas.  Let’s make this happen together!

John Rosebush & WDC Power’s UN Challenge:

“Mankind’s ultimate responsibility is to create a sustainable planet for mankind’s future because without it everything else is a moot point.”

“The Worldwide Development Corporation (WDC) has put together a World Class project to introduce and implement a new energy invention that has the capability to power the planet a 1000 times over without consuming resources for a fraction of the cost of any energy generated today theoretically forever.  It is the crown jewel of energy generation and the missing piece to the sustainability of the human race.”

“The domino effect of almost unlimited cheap energy distributed all across the planet will be the catalyst to a worldwide 21st century society where there is a place for everybody and a chance for hope and prosperity."

“The Worldwide Development Corporation has created an alternative energy invention that we believe will change everything we think we know about energy generation.  The new energy invention is capable of generating 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity distributed throughout the entire planet without consuming resources for a small fraction of the cost of any energy generated today.  Today our planet generates approximately 6.5 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity.  Even though we would never contemplate or even imagine generating 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity worldwide, I thought it was important to point out the extreme capabilities of the new energy invention.”

The purpose for pointing out the extreme capabilities of the new energy invention is that we don't know what planetary challenges humanity may face in the future.  The new energy invention is capable of refreezing the poles and glaciers, desalinating enough ocean water to replenish all freshwater lakes and aquifers, power all transportation, generate enough electricity for anything imaginable all without consuming resources and with no pollution.  Imagine a world that can power itself for a fraction of the cost of today without any human intervention and that is exactly the capabilities of this new energy technology.

John Rosebush

“Our outreach to inform and educate the world’s’ inhabitants of the real dangers we face and viable answers to the many questions will be addressed … Our planet’s health when we all act together as stewards is obtainable … The Old energy production venues must be retired to allow the new to be implemented.  This new [invention] is extremely essential to the future of humanity … We need Energy, inexpensive non-polluting and non-resource consuming which equals the future of our species …” James Boyd Fuller

James Boyd Fuller & the Planetary Health Project - World Alliance for Planetary Health:

“In the months ahead we plan to meet and discuss the way forward with leaders to show the importance of good change proper change and technology that will allow it … The Antarctic is now showing signs of collapse on the western edges with ever more warmer waters reaching the continent undermining the Ice shelves.  There is the Arctic which is gassing hydrates, ocean dead zones of which are growing larger due to artificial fertilizer, rainforests being eliminated …” James Boyd Fuller

“Out of Balance” a book by James Boyd Fuller:

Mr. Fuller is actively working on healing hypoxic zones in the oceans created by artificial fertilizers and has a solution for the use of natural fertilizers developed from coal bi-products that many countries are currently dealing with trying to eliminate as a waste product.  This waste product, when processed properly, becomes natural fertilizer that will help replenish the nutrients in the soil that provides our source of food worldwide; and stops the needless destruction of the oceans from the toxicity of artificial fertilizers.  This project is already underway in select regions of the world and needs to be shared with the whole world so that we replenish the earth for an abundance of food into the future.

What would make all of these solutions easier to implement?  What would solve many of the social and economic issues facing the people of our world today, causing needless struggle and suffering? 

“Richard is an ‘outside the box’ thinker and TIME-EQUITY is a bold pathway of change.” James Boyd Fuller

Richard M. Kiernicki, Author of “The Capitalist’s Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital”:

TIME-EQUITY is a realistic alternative to capitalism that makes obsolete the lies, greed, corruption and inequality largely caused by capitalism.  “We have the power to turn the world upside down and free ourselves from the illusions of capitalism forever.”

Why should the majority have to fail for the few to win?  Why all of the secrets, mystery and lies to cover up how fragile the monetary system really is?  Why do some people work three jobs to barely put food on the table for their kids, while others make billions during times of suffering for the majority?  During the pandemic nearly 500 more billionaires ( were added to the roster of the rich list in our “Monopoly-game” world, while the governments keep printing money to support their agendas?

Why do some people have no shelter, not enough food and no access to clean drinking water, while others live a lavish lifestyle, can eat any food they want, live in gigantic mansions with too many rooms to ever use and do almost anything they want any TIME and with little or no regard for their carbon-producing, jet-setting lifestyles for “business use?”  Who gave them the power to do this?  How can we stop the divide between the haves and the have-nots, so that everyone has what they need and has the means to live their true purpose, feed their families and live in a comfortable home, while the world expands and advances without limitations, without a reason not to do the right thing because it’s “not in the budget?”

“There are possibilities beyond what we’ve come to accept as our reality; this comes from an unending drive to imagine beyond the conventional wisdom.  TIME-EQUITY is the realistic alternative we’ve been waiting for to usher in an age of equality, true democracy, a sustainable planet and quite possibly the first era of peacefulness amongst humanity to work together in realizing our unlimited potential.”

Imagine a world like in Star Trek, where there are no artificial limitations to progress because of money; because money no longer exists and everyone has what they need, everyone has equal access to resources, everyone contributes to society and benefits from what everyone else contributes.  Everybody has an equal amount of TIME and TIME-EQUITY is based upon each person putting in the same amount of TIME, sharing their gifts with the world, and everyone has access to and benefits from the gifts (products & services) that others provide.

The opportunities to create new jobs in new environments will create untold potential and even though AI will remove some of the most lack-luster jobs, humanity itself will evolve with new opportunities reflecting our unlimited potential and the century-old education system will be redesigned to continue to unfold humanity’s true creative power beyond our wildest imaginations, to continue to innovate and improve life on earth for each and every one of us.

Richard M. Kiernicki


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Albert Einstein

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

This is a worldwide effort to bring the necessary solutions to solve the challenges the world faces today.  It’s not up to one person or one organization, it’s all of us working together that can help by advocating for the implementation of these solutions.

We can do this or let the WEF run rampant with their Great Reset where no one owns anything and they control the world. (“you will own nothing, and you’ll be happy”

The Grand Jury has presented to the Court of Public Opinion, the people of the world, evidence of the lies, corruption and pre-meditated crimes against humanity perpetrated on the people of the world by organizations and governments trusted by the people to have our best interests at heart.  (Watch the trial videos here:  They have uncovered the truth behind the crimes against humanity and the solution isn’t just about prosecuting and replacing those who are corrupt and in positions of power; it’s the underlying cause that needs to be addressed and resolved.  This can be done by eliminating the seed of power that they use to keep the people enslaved, the monetary system.  Without the financial incentives that have led to this corruption and continue to support the corruption, their whole system of power disintegrates and the illusion dissolves.  Let’s appeal to the Grand Jury and other organizations and supporters of TRUTH, JUSTICE and EQUALITY to band together, stop the corruption, replace the leaders who are self-serving and pander to the parasitical elite and replace the major cause of greed, corruption and manipulation, the capitalist system and monetary slavery, with a system that is fair, transparent and facilitates the change this world needs to thrive into the future.  TIME-EQUITY will create the environment in which the problems of poverty and inequality will be resolved, greed, corruption and manipulation for financial supremacy will be made irrelevant, the world will work together in sharing the resources and experts needed to solve challenges in any part of the world and humanity’s unlimited potential will be unleashed to implement solutions like John’s energy invention and James’ soil remediation solutions, as well as other new inventions that will help save the world’s environmental, energy, education and healthcare needs, without the restraints of budget and inability to fund projects, because our ability to implement these solutions will be unlimited.  Our ability to solve the challenges our world faces are only limited by our own imagination and when we realize that, we can truly create the world we desire, a world that benefits all, a world with unlimited potential.

It is TIME for the leaders to step up, to embrace the logical solutions we bring forward, for the people to show their interest in co-creating the future, for humanity to band together taking on these new ideas and inventions that will solve our world’s problems.  Together we can solve the problems and challenges of our world with new thinking, new ideas and new-found energy to expand innovate and thrive into the future.  

Copyright 2022 John Rosebush, James Boyd Fuller and Richard M. Kiernicki.  All rights reserved.

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Not only are we breaking through existing barriers in these three fields, we invite you to solve the other issues (education, healthcare…) and build the team; we invite you to bring your expertise to the table as this is a global project, not for any one individual.  There is power in numbers and only together can we grow exponentially and make a real difference in this world.  Imagine what we can do when we join together!


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Signatures: 486Next Goal: 500
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