Keep Holy Trinity Church Uki open


Keep Holy Trinity Church Uki open

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Chris Gibbings started this petition to The Grafton Diocese of the Church of England in Australia

We urge the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, not to sell the Holy Trinity Church at Uki, New South Wales, Australia. 

This church has been a Sacred Space in the heart of the Uki community for 98 years. It was built by the people of Uki and is a heritage-listed war memorial church. 

It is not only a space for prayer and meditation but also hosts art shows and music performances. For so many people, it is a place where life’s milestones are recognised and celebrated. 

The community recently completed a labyrinth as a meditation and reflection resource available 24 hours a day for locals and visitors. The labyrinth is also used by groups from the neighbouring primary school.

As an evolving church, leadership of services is interactive and shared amongst the congregation.

The Congregation is active in refugee support and various members are involved in development and peace projects in Bangladesh and the Middle East.

This church promotes interfaith dialogue and builds connections with diverse communities. It aims to provide safety and welcome for everyone.

Please sign this petition to show your support for keeping Holy Trinity open and stopping it from being sold.

Apart from signing this petition, you can also:

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  • Post a photo to our Facebook Page of yourself holding a message of support (eg "Hold the Space Uki" or “Keep Holy Trinity Open”). It would be even better if you are standing in front of the church itself.
  • If you have other ideas to help the campaign, or would like to volunteer to help out, please email


This petition made change with 468 supporters!

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