Reservation system to be banned in education system.

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Iam aruna boddeti doing my B.Tech. I strongly oppose reservation system in education. All though, I have reservation (bc).I have seen many of friends has been suffering a lot because of this all know that Dr.ambedkar said"follow this reservation system only for 10 years "because once upon a time we had much concerned about castes and somehow there was injustice for the backward classes... his idea of passing this rule was to make all people equal to law.but people are using this system as a tool. For instance, a student from other castes got 5000 rank Eamcet, although he got a nice number he cannot get a seat in good reputated college..because he has no reservation. If a student from backward classes and other category got 100000 rank in the same Eamcet,he surely gets a seat in reputated college. We all know he is incapable of joining in such a college..even then due to this system,we are giving chance to him... Just think of it,what about merit students from other castes(oc,obc)????. There is injustice happening for merit students. Soo in my view, seat allotments,scholarships should get for merit students...this should be done based on the student merit... I think, at least stop this reservation system in education... there are poor students,where govt can give more financial support for them regardless of reservation system. This could be the best ever solution to stop injustice for the meritious students.