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tell the truth about why everyone needs to have health care insurance.

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Every person in this country needs to have medical care when they need it. Young people and those in low paying jobs You might compare univeral auto insurance to universal healthcare. For how many years did those with auto insurance carry insurance for uninsured drivers. Now, at least in Colorado, one cannot obtain a license to drive a car until one has proof of insurance. Are cars more important than people? Is this a violation of the constitution to require that every driver have insurance? How dare these states sue the federal government for making insurance available to everyone! Are we fined for not having a driving license? So to, will those who choose not to have insurance also be fined. If a person's income is below a certain amount, medicaid will be available just as it is for the disabled! Isn't there a Christian imperative that we care for the least among us?

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Frances FrainAguirre needs your help with “the governors that are suing the Federal gov.because of Obama Care.: tell the truth about why everyone needs to have health care insurance.”. Join Frances and 1 supporter today.