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Lana P. создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную The Governors of the states California, Texas, Virginia, and to Johnny Depp, USA.

The life of the famous actor of our time Johnny Depp is in danger - the father of actress Amber Heard from Texas threatened to kill him. This was reported by The Blast. The father of actress David Heard is supported by supporters of Amber Heard, who wishes Depp death. Heard’s team is confident that this is the normal reaction of any father in response to violence against his own child.

Businessman David Killackey, who previously worked with Johnny Depp, confirmed that Johnny received real threats. Amber's father often behaved aggressively and even wanted to come to Los Angeles, where Johnny lives, for reprisal to the actor. Amber's father threatened to shoot Johnny Depp and threatened Killackey himself.

“I'm from Texas, and men there always carry 45 caliber with them, I’ll kill Johnny!” - Amber father said in a telephone conversation with Killackey and asked to transfer it to Johnny. Killackey was brought up in the family of the assistant sheriff who is involved in the investigations of murders and concerns very seriously to such threats.

Johnny Depp silently endured to all the accusations of physical and psychological violence, which was lasting more than two years, he hoped until the last that he would be able to settle this situation, because he had done no harm to Amber Heard and continued to love her. But many accepted this silence as adoption of his guilt.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married in February 2015, and in May 2016, Heard filed for divorce, explaining her decision by insurmountable contradictions between them. She later told the court that she was beaten by Depp. However, Heard could not
provide any evidence of his guilt.

Amber Heard also published the article on homemade violence in The Washington Post, which was released in Virginia in December, 2018. In it, she does not mention her ex-husband, but everyone already understands who she meant. Soon after her publication, Depp was expelled from the film Pirates of the Caribbean, where he starred. And Hurd, on the contrary, received the status of a defender of human rights, while she increased her popularity.

Over the past years, Heard has systematically ruined Johnny Depp's career. According to the actor, his reputation was spoiled: “I noticed that people began to look at me differently. In their eyes I turned into a monster. In Quasimodo”. Johnny's children were asked if his father really beats women, as it is written in the magazine?

It was impossible to endure further, and Depp decided to start a fight for his honest name. He filed a lawsuit in the court against Amber for deceit, in which he wrote: “She is not a victim of domestic violence, but a criminal”, who committed a terrifying crime against him, and demanded compensation for non-pecuniary damage for defamation. Johnny Depp in correspondence with the parents of Amber Heard indicates that the world will know the truth, the lie will be revealed, and that it will definitely happen.

Depp calls Heard’s testimony “a carefully fabricated fake” and claims that the allegations against him are completely false. It's all about the money, says Johnny. Adam Waldman, his lawyer, commented: “The motive behind her (Heard) deception is money... Money is the reason father Amber Heard threatened to kill Mr. Depp.” Come from an unhappy hungry childhood, Johnny Depp earned money honestly. He invested a particle of his soul in each of his hero, and it is not without reason that he is considered the best actor of our time.

Father of Amber Heard, in a conversation with Killackey, expressed dissatisfaction not with the fact that his daughter Amber allegedly suffered violence. He was worried about the matter of material injustice - according to David Heard, Depp violated his plans to create his own film project, and about the violence against his daughter in a conversation with Killackey was not even mentioned. In addition, even Amber Heard’s own parents admitted in a correspondence with Depp that extortion, not violence, was the true motive for her scam against him.

Depp insists that Amber inflicted irreparable mental trauma on him by statements about domestic violence. It was she who systematically abused him, subjected him to unthinkable suffering, inflicted physical injuries, and more than once he found himself between lifeand death. Johnny confirmed this with a lot of evidence.

Amber Heard is a malicious, cynical abuser for whom life and human health mean nothing. The mere fact that she filed her slanderous lawsuit a few days after the death of the mother of Johnny Depp, with whom he was very close and extremely hard and
painfully suffered her death, once again confirms this. According to Johnny, he even thought about suicide.

The kind and defenseless Johnny is the victim of Amber Heard. Many art workers have come to the defense of Johnny Depp, including Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his two children, with whom he broke up for the sake of Amber Heard. Fans of Depp's
creativity pounced Heard with defamation charges.

Johnny Depp's kindness is off the scale. He will never pass indifferently past a disabled person, an elderly person, or a patient. On the contrary, it is known that he visits clinics, makes large donations to them, and brings hope and joy to seriously ill patients. Such people, by their nature, are not capable of causing suffering to anyone.

Depp is adored by children for his unforgettable fairy-tale films. Children could not be deceived; they would not throw themselves on the neck of an evil man. Depp is adored by adults not only as a brilliant actor, but also as an extraordinary person who helps to live, survive, and achieve the goal.

Johnny Depp has millions of fans around the world. At present, he is in great need of our help. So let's help Johnny in a dangerous and hard period of his life! Let him know that we will fight for his victory. It is necessary to collect as many signatures as possible on this petition, and the sooner the better. LET'S HELP SAVE THE LIFE OF OUR DUBIOUS ACTOR JOHNNY DEPP!!! AND HELP SAVE HIS CAREER!!!

Dear Governor of California!
We ASK You very much to do everything possible to ensure the complete safety of
Johnny Depp, who lives in Los Angeles, California.

Dear Governor of Texas!
We ask You very much to do everything possible to completely stop the death threats
against Johnny Depp from David heard, who lives in Austin, Texas.

Dear Governor of Virginia!
We ASK You very much to do everything possible to suppress all attempts by the press
to slander Johnny Depp so that it does not have a negative impact to a fair judgment
of the Virginia court.


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