"Approve a vote of No Confidence in Daniel Andrews and his Victorian Government. "

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Our Major Employer is at RISK and their very survival is in the hands of a State Government that is out of their depth. SME’S …. Small to Medium Sized Businesses employ MORE people than anyone else in this country.
We can only imagine what the average business owner is going through right now and their very survival has been taken out of the hands.
Personally, I’ve owned and operated 30 plus Businesses in a range of industries, I’ve done the 100 plus hours a week, had to pay staff and stock on credit cards, been screwed over by landlords, partners, banks and suppliers. I’ve also owned a Business Coaching company with 100’s of coaches working with 1000’s of small business across Australia and New Zealand.
I’ve seen first-hand the stresses they experience every day to keep operating, to keep supporting their team and their teams families (the flow on creates the economy as we know it).

If business ownership wasn’t already hard enough, they are now being screwed by Politicians, Mayors, Premiers that have No Clue! I won’t talk for other states but my guess is the story will be very similar. In Victoria we are been led by a corrupt and incompetent Government (and no, this isn’t about who you prefer or normally vote for). Decisions are being made by a so-called leader that has NEVER Owned a small business, NEVER Personally Paid an Employee, NEVER had to order stock or supplies that he would have to PERSONALLY Pay for. We are being led by a person that can rip up contracts that cost US Billions of Dollars that we have to fund through increased taxes. And now with this so-called pandemic we are witnessing stupidity at greater levels. Decisions being made and changed within 36 hours of implementation costing businesses untold stress as they try and manage staffing, produce, even the most basic operations.

Yes, more cases of Corona appearing in Victoria….. but, what are the real numbers? How many tested? How many infected? How many mis diagnosed?, the list goes on. We are fed garbage on numbers….. for decades we have taught Business Owners that Business is ALL NUMBERS! If Victoria tests thousands more people than other states, then the numbers infected has to be different to states that don’t. It’s not rocket science.
While we are talking numbers….
How many Businesses declared Bankruptcy yesterday?
How many Businesses went into Liquidation yesterday?
How many relationships, marriages were destroyed yesterday?
How many staff members became unemployed yesterday?
How many Landlords with NO Tenants?
How many Business Owners lost Properties yesterday due to Banks stepping in?
How many loans were cancelled yesterday?
How many Business owners aren’t with us today that were yesterday?
How many new admissions to Mental Health facilities yesterday?
Domestic violence….. the list goes on….
Top that off with the media having a field day…… Virus, Testing, creating Panic throughout the community… 
It’s time to make a stand and support all Victorians and all small Businesses.

What does Victoria look like with 30 -50% less SME’s? Try Catastrophic, millions of lives destroyed, unemployment out of control with no SME’s left to employ them.
Foreign ownership, there will be seagulls everywhere looking for opportunities and corrupt politicians taking back handed payments every step of the way. If Victoria was a Public Company it'd would be in Administration. Our Victorian political leaders are clueless and have become followers. Chief Medical officers making decisions that impact the masses.

What we need right now is LEADERSHIP! It's time for the Governor of Victoria, the Hon. Linda Dessau AC to pass a motion of ‘No Confidence’ in the Premier and Ministers.

Maybe someone of the calibre of General Sir Peter John Cosgrove
Former Governor-General of Australia would be a good start.

Victorians, we need to work together NOW. Forget who you normally vote for, that is no longer relevant. Our state, families, health and businesses are crying for help!