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Stop Coal Exports in Oregon


Recently a secret deal was reached to allow two coal companies, Ambre Energy and Kinder Morgan to turn the Port of St Helens into the biggest coal export terminal on the West Coast.

If the big coal companies get their way, up to 38 million tons of coal per year could soon be shipped through Oregon on uncovered trains and exported through the Port of St. Helens, leaving a cloud of dangerous coal dust and diesel fumes throughout the state. It would also rapidly escalate climate pollution by supplying coal to overseas markets.

Also, According to a recent study, exporting coal from the Pacific Northwest is a bigger threat to the climate than the Keystone XL pipeline.

Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber has the power to deny this permit and stop companies from exporting coal from Oregon. Please send him a message urging him to protect our state from the environmental and public health issues caused by coal.

Letter to
Oregon Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Governor Kitzhaber.

I strongly oppose the construction of coal export terminals on the West Coast.

It is shocking that the Port of St. Helens approved a secretive deal to allow coal exports without giving community members an opportunity to participate in the decision in a meaningful way. We can't allow a handful of coal industry lobbyists to turn our state into a coal superhighway.

Coal export on a massive scale would have a terrible impact on our communities—increasing air and water pollution, traffic congestion and rates of respiratory illness—and would undercut our state’s efforts to reduce global warming pollution - all to line the pockets of some of the richest companies in the world.

I urge you to use your full authority to prevent the Oregon from becoming a gateway for dirty coal. Protect my health and our state by denying any permit that would allow coal to be exported through Oregon.


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