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Fathers are prosecuted every day in this country for not paying child support. But every day, mothers are using DHS as a vehicle to gain retribution against a good supportive father who simply made the decision to end the relationship, or start another with a different person. Mothers lie about income, falsify petitions and applications, and neglect their childrent horribly. But the state never steps in and adheres to their OWN statutes and guidelines! This needs to stop! These women need to stop wasting our tax dollars, stop wasting caseworkers and judges time; these women need to be prosecuted just like fathers.

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Lying on a child support application in Oklahoma is punishable by up to a year imprisonment and various fines PER OFFENSE. There is a section at the bottom of the last page where the applicant must sign stating that if an applicant purposefully gives false information, especially in regards to the potential father, that they will be prosecuted, and that they swear that the information that they are providing is true to the best of their ability. Below is what my husband and I are facing in Oklahoma, and why I have started this petition. This happens to fathers EVERYDAY but most are afraid of retribution by the state and don’t do anything about it. YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE BEING USED TO PROSECUTE THESE GOOD MEN AND PROTECT THESE LYING WOMEN. This needs to change!

In Adiar County Oklahoma, my spouses ex Misty Noe went to her local DHS office and filed a petition for child support. As it has been told to us, she claimed that she had never received any help from my husband for care of their child (in fact my husband signed papers that allow her to receive a gross of over 1700.00 a month for their child, and we actually GAVE her a vehicle) that he had never been around the child (she dropped her off at our house or we picked her up every weekend, and had the child almost all summer), that she didn't know his current address (Although she was at our home multiple times a month), and that she hadn't had any contact with him in years(we have provided HUNDREDS of pages of phone records to disprove this). She then gave a false address for my spouse-an address that her close friend resided at and where she herself had began staying over the summer. We have provided sworn statements from multiple people whom she told first hand that she was living at the address she gave dhs as my spouses. When the courts attempted to serve my spouse with a subpoena either the child’s mother or her friend signed the papers from the process server, stating that my husband lived there and that they would give them to him. Later that month or early the next the case went to court and a default order was issued against my spouse for five year back support and interest that amounted to over 21,000 and monthly payments due. Interestingly enough, as it was also ordered that the child be put on my souses health insurance, the paperwork telling him that he was to put her on his insurance reached us at our home a month after the order was established.

My husband never knew that the court hearing took place, and the mother didn't attempt to collect on the money for over a year. Instead she waited unit he could have gone to jail for non payment and until our credit was ruined to try to collect on the "debt".

In front of a sworn judge during custody mediation this summer, Ms. Noe admitted that my husband has always been a good father, and there for his child, and has always helped her out financially.

We have contacted OKDHS on multiple times, and the end all was this. They refuse to prosecute. They refuse to vacate the order, despite the fact the policy for a falsified petition is that the petition is dropped, and the mother not able to utilize DHS to obtain child support again. I have personally been told by a representative working in the child support office "so what?" when I explained all of this to them.

Since she has taken the order to Cherokee Nation for collection, despite the fact that their child is NOT CHEROKEE and enrolled in a different federally recognized tribe, OKDHS is stating that they are not able to do anything about this situation. This did not stop them from placing a levy against our bank accounts this July for 64,000. All charges HAVE to come from the state. So why is the state protecting her???

This has ruined our lives. Our credit is destroyed, my husband faces jail time for being a "dead beat dad" and we live in constant fear that our bank accounts are going to be drained again. We lost our pre approved mortgage and we receive letters threatening to repossess our property. We have five children that we constantly have to worry about being able to provide simple things like diapers and food for, because what will we do the next time our accounts get drained? We make the payments every month, and every month we try again to resolve this issue. We have sent emails to OKDHS, made phone calls, and attempted to have this case heard in court. OKDHS steadfastly refuses to take any action against the blatant falsification of the petition, and is gone so far as to aid this woman in the direct violation of my husbands civil rights.

The worse part is that my husband is far from the first person that this has happened to. Every day dead beat mothers in Oklahoma are using the DHS system to take action against the fathers of their children, when in fact there is no reason to. The majority of the time these fathers are good, dedicated, loving fathers who are the victims of an antiquated and prejudiced system. If a father misses his child support payments he is denied visitation with his child, has his passport revoked, his licenses suspended, faces property repossession, bank levies and jail time. OKDHS prosecutes fathers to the full extent of the law, but absolutely REFUSES to charge this mother and others like her for lying on sworn documents, under reporting income, forgery and everything else this case embodies.
I want to send a clear message to OKDHS. What this woman did was illegal. She and all other mothers who do this need to be prosecuted with the same energy in which they prosecute fathers.

Thank you,
Katie Boell-Grasshopper

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