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Stop the Bill that would make it legal to discriminate againts gay couples

Right now ther is a Bill that would allow local business to discriminate against gay couples.  The thought of something like this passing is extermely frightening to me.  Any law that is directly taking fundamental rights away from citizens is a dangerous, and very slippery slope.  Please take a moment of your time to sign this petition to let our elected officials know exactly how we feel.

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Residents of New Hampshire
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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Residents of New Hampshire.

Stop the Bill that would make it legal to discriminate against gay couples

To Whom it May Concern;
I am writing to you today to urge you to oppose the bill that is in the House right now that would allow local businesses to discriminate against gay couples. The proud citizens of New Hampshire will be heard. We do not want a bill written into our law that would allow for any form of discrimination. New Hampshire has taken a big step in equality by passing legislation allowing gay couples to marry, this bill would be a giant step backwards.
I find it deplorable that in this day and age we are faced with the proposal of a bill that would legalize any form of discrimination. This bill is a gateway to discrimination and will set this state back several years. At last check, we lived in America, and I recall a certain quote of "all men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence. I do not recall an addendum to that making it right to discriminate if something just doesn't feel right to you. I sincerely hope you will consider the ramifications of such a bill and take it out of legislation.
Several news agencies have reported on this bill with abundant feedback from people opposing this bill. Please vote this bill down. This bill is an assault on civil rights and should not even be considered in this day and age.


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