Petition Update

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Dyvontrae Johnson
San Antonio, TX

Jun 4, 2012 —  In the meanwhile, I'd recommend you all do the same. Be sure to let them know you have a vested interest in Javier's livelihood. Everyone in the Boston or in the state of MA, let them know:

"I am a concerned citizen of Massachusetts and share a concern in how our civil liberties are being protected maintained. The Boston Police Department abused and arrested Javier Reyes, an innocent civilian, a non-resident that proves as a tourist asset to your city. Also, there is no law or precedent that is in our state's constitution prohibiting monitoring or sharing the performance of our police officers for ANY reason. Javier was well within his right to ensure the officer knew that he would be subject to the public review of his actions that night. Not only do I request you exonerate Javier Reyes of his charges, but ensure that we citizen's maintain our right to expose cops who are not upholding the law."