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The Governor of IL: Reinstate Dr. Parikh's Medical License

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Dr. Mahesh Parikh is a Neurologist, practicing for over 25 years, whose license was suspended by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation despite recommendations by both an administrative law judge and a review board not to do so. A due process was undertaken that was equal for the defendant as well as the plaintiff and was judged by an administrative law judge  The judge recommended to the medical disciplinary board that no disciplinary action should be taken against the doctor. The board, consisting of highly respected community members agreed with the judge. Yet, this decision was then overturned by the director of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. A rare occurrence.

This is a Dangerous Precedent for any licensed professional including doctors, lawyers, accountants, and others. Why is there a due process including recommendations from two independent parties (the judge and the medical disciplinary board) if a director can disregard the opinion and decision of the process. This is of grave consequence. Any professional can go through their respective due process successfully only to have one person determine their fate.

The rights of professionals are in jeopardy. 

Dr. Parikh began his practice with his wife and they have continued to work together everyday for over 25 years. He has sacrificed his life to help people and he needs your help now. Show your support, help us reinstate his license.  By signing below, you are taking a stand against this injustice and  protecting the rights of all professionals.

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