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Change the Marijuana laws that put people in jail for simple posseion.

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It is 2012, more and more states are supporting the medical or even recreational use of marijuana. This year marks the most legislation and discussion about the matter in the history of its existence. Yet there are still states that view this plant as serious problem to them. Illinois has a very unjust and awful set of laws in place for cannabis. Having a gram or two can land you 30 days in jail, 2-10 can get you an entire TWO MONTHS. I am starting this because I am now potentially facing a Felony charge and a possible minimum 1 year jail time and up to 3 years for having a mere 60 grams of cannabis in the state of Illinois. To top it off I am a colorado medical card holder and am allowed to carry this medicine completely legal in CO. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. This can not go on, the views and opinions on this plant are so very misguided and incorrect, the fact that people treat you as a criminal and a felon at that for simply having over an ounce is quite frankly appalling. This amount is only a petty fine in some states like CO where I came from. The time for change is long overdue, this country needs a wake up call!

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