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Stop Bill HB1707: Transient Rentals to be Rented by Licensed Agents Only

This bill will require transient rentals to use licensed Real Estate Agents to manage rentals. Agents charge 25% or more, and will create a monopoly for agents and price fixing potentially. This discriminates against individual owners.


Bill info: Transient accommodations; nonresident owners. (a) Any nonresident owner who rents or offers rental property as a transient accommodation for periods of thirty days or less shall rent or offer to rent the rental property through a real estate broker or salesperson licensed under chapter 467. Any real estate broker or salesperson authorized under an agreement with a nonresident owner to collect rent on behalf of the nonresident owner shall be subject to the requirements of 12 sections 237—30.5, 2370—6, and 2370—8.5.

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