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Petitioning attorney general State of Hawaii: David M Louie and 5 others


  On January 22nd 2012, 20 year old Brycen Iona was stabbed to death with a butcher knife while trying to protect his loved ones from a 42 year old man wielding a 10 inch butcher knife at everyone after an argument. The killer threatened to stab his girlfriend and had already opened the car and stabbed another 18-year-old boy. Brycen got out of the car to stop this man so no one else was stabbed. They got into a physical altercation and brycen backed up to get into the car when this man lunged forward and shoved his butcher knife all the way into brycens chest, piercing his lung and heart. Brycen bled to death in minutes. The killer and his female companion ran. After investigation prosecutors declined prosecution claiming it was self-defense, and claiming the killer was being robbed of his bag. They used the grounds of a surveillance video that they had of a verbal altercation that happened 20 minutes prior and a quarter of a mile away, yet they have never released the video to the public but have admitted that there was no physical confrontation on this video. The killer is set free and Brycen is dead. There was no self-defense at all on the killer’s part. Brycen was using self-defense against a crazed person with a deadly weapon. Since then there have been numerous stabbings on the island of Oahu. Many of the killers also are not being charged. This is a travesty of justice please let justice be served for the future safety of all of our children and loved ones.

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