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Improve or Shutdown Hawaii Geothermal, Show Best Clean Energy Options

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This petition is of interest to all Hawaii Residents and is in response to residents concerns associated with Hawaii’s Geothermal Power and the selection process for Hawaii’s clean energy platform. Please read the petition updates for more information and news articles.  Also, you can CLICK HERE to see a youtube video presentation on this petition.  

Key Three Petition Requests

1.    Improve or shutdown existing HELCO/Ormat geothermal power plant.

An environmental, safety, and health investigation and action plan must be implemented immediately to address community concerns such as:

a.    Toxic gases being released into the community.

b.    Residents experiencing increased rashes, dizziness, diarrhea, etc.

c.    Higher rate of birth defects in the area.

d.    Plant location too close to residents; 10-mile buffer zone required.

e.    No civil defense evacuation plan for residents incase of blowout.

f.     Potential fresh water contamination.

g.    Plant operation may start a lava flow.

h.    Dangers of not being able to seal a well blowout.

i.     Community risks associated with earthquakes or hurricanes.

j.     Plant safety concerns due to age and maintenance costs

2.    Hold on Geothermal Expansion Projects / Complete a Feasibility Report

There are plans to expand Hawaii’s geothermal power production from 30MW to 1,000MW, which without proper review and public awareness, may cause Hawaii’s leaders to investment tax payer dollars into an unsafe and risky energy source.

Here are some community concerns with expanding geothermal:

a.    Infringement on local Hawaiian tradition and spirituality.

b.    High-risk to public health and environment

c.    High cost of geothermal construction (e.g. $8 to 10 billion est.)

d.    High cost to tax payers in the form of subsidies for geothermal.

e.    Centralized geo-power located in Zone 1 high-risk lava flow area.

f.     Tax Payer dollars and energy security destroyed by lava flow.

g.    Alternate  energy options can power all of Hawaii at lower cost.

h.    Alternate energy options are a better benefit to residents vs. private.

i.     Geo. royalties & tax payer dollars wasted on relocating residents

j.     High state paid healthcare cost due to # of people sick from geo-pwr.

k.   Unable to shutdown oil-pwr because lava may destroy geo-pwr


3.    Show the Public Hawaii’s Clean Energy Options

Produce a public campaign to educate and allow the public to understand and provide feedback for Hawaii’s clean energy platform (e.g. solar mixed with wind, energy conservation, tidal, etc.) 

Some key points to show or allow:  

a.    Social, environmental, & economic advantages & risks.

b.    Public, government, and private best idea sharing and risk feedback.

c.    Public vote for the best clean energy platform for Hawaii. 

Let’s work together to make Hawaii a global leader in sustainability.


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