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Petitioning florida legislators and 3 others

SB1860/HB119 Restricts PIP patients from getting best possible healthcare.

"Massage therapy is an effective aspect of manual medicine that reduces pain, treats muscles and connective tissues, and is used worldwide to treat injuries. When the physician determines that it is needed and prescribes it, the consumer should receive the treatment. This bill will significantly increase the use of pain medications and unnecessary surgeries. It will limit the physician's choices and burden patients with unrelenting pain." Judith DeLany

Letter to
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Florida Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Florida Legislators.

Allow Florida Residents to receive the treatment their doctor prescribes

We the people hereby declare that S.B. 1860 is fatally flawed.

It will harm the people of Florida by depriving them, especially those most in need, of health treatments that have proven to be the most beneficial to them, i.e. massage therapy. The majority of injuries suffered in an automobile accident are most successfully treated by licensed massage therapists.

It will deprive medical practitioners of the one form of complementary therapy that they themselves have deemed most effective in helping their patients heal–massage therapy. The legislature should not be allowed to mandate doctors to preclude any legitimate, helpful therapy from being made available to their patients.

It will adversely affect the over 30,000 licensed massage therapists who bring their health-giving practices to the Florida public, and the hundreds of thousands of those Floridians who benefit from that practice.
I vehemently oppose the passage of this bill for the harm it will cause to the Florida public, and we demand that any legislator who truly represents the people of Florida vote against this bill.