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Because she was a throw a-way child but her name should stand for the law that was started originally in her name.

Letter to
House of Representatives for the state of Florida
Florida State Senate
Florida Governor
We the people are wondering why you are finding it necessary to strip every vestige of everything from Caylee Marie Anthony in the decisions that you make. Her mother, Casey Marie Anthony, throws her into a swamp, hoping that no part of her will ever be found, and, indeed, very little of her does remain. Her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony have those little bones cremated so that only dust remains, which apparently according to the news reports, her grandmother, Cindy, has fashioned into necklaces and in a macabre fashion, both Cindy and Casey wear them around their necks to try to make us think that they care anything about the memory of this throw-a-way child.

Now, you lawmakers strip away from her even what this law started out to be called in the first place which was CAYLEE’S LAW. Why do you do this? I guarantee that, if this child had a legal father, who could, or would have stepped up to the plate, you wouldn’t be so blaze’ about this decision that you are making.

I am a Floridian, and so disgusted with this state that we have lived in starting for the fourteenth year, because to me, it seems like if is being run and legislated by those who enact very foolish legislation. Nearly every state in the Union does things in a far superior way to anything I have seen come out of the legislation in of this state, in particular, in relation to the Casey Anthony fiasco with the after math of it. If we could afford to move, I can assure you that we would start looking for any state—either one of the three that we have formerly lived in, or, another one where the legislators seem to have some inbred sense.

We send petitions to the Florida Bar to the ethics board, who ought to quit calling themselves an ethics board, because I haven’t seen one decision they have made that denoted that anything ETHICAL was ever forthcoming in any ruling they have handed down. They have turned a blind eye to the unethical behavior of one very unethical lawyer, Jose Baez, in this Casey Anthony case, and they have given him a pass every time. From the judges, who give Casey Anthony preferential treatment to the law makers who now want to strip Caylee’s name from this bill, we all are not STUPID. We are pretty assured that somewhere in the DARK and DANK shadows there is a reason for this, and someone high up is jerking some chains. Whenever laws are made and decisions are made that make no sense to the average citizen, we can be assured that they make no SENSE. To quote a much over used saying, but I can think of no better one to use---“If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it is undoubtedly a DUCK.”

At the moment, I am not in the mood to close this letter with any platitude, but, yes, I am signing my own legal name,(or would if I could on this email send). I don’t choose to hide behind some silly named profile on Facebook sites either, which TROLLS use to constantly bash and bully those of us who are making every effort to stand and fight for JUSTICE. I use the name that my father and mother bequeathed to me when I was born 77 plus years ago. I would most assuredly hope that this law, which was introduced in the first place because of the unconscionable act of her mother who NEVER did report Caylee missing because it was her grandmother who finally did, kept in the name of the VICTIM that it was started in the first place for. HER NAME IS CAYLEE.

Mary-Etta Hinkle

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