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Investigate the (2) Foundations established in the name of Caylee Marie

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Since the death of Caylee Marie Anthony many have stepped forward to make profit off her murder. Her Grandparents George and Cindy Anthony have set up (2) separate foundations in the name of Caylee Marie Anthony. The State of Florida has failed to establish protection for Caylee Marie and her estate. This opening the door for anyone who finds the need to dance on her grave and profit can do so. George and Cindy Anthony set up an original foundation in the name of Caylee Marie stating the foundation would help in the search for missing and murdered children. They purchased a new boat out of the funds in that foundation just in case the opportunity ever arose they might need it. That never happened and they gained a boat. Shortly after the foundation was established and the cash flow began it soon became apparent Cindy Anthony who was trustee of the fund opted to pay her and her husband 2.5 million dollars and called it operating funds. To our knowledge no child was ever helped with any money that was donation to Caylee's Fund. All of a sudden the fund was empty and the next thing we hear is Dr. Phil is having the Anthonys on his show. There is a promise of money in the amount of 50 grand to 500 grand on the table and a new jeep. The conditions of this interview as reported and alleged was Dr. Phil would put the money in the New Second Caylee's Foundation that is now set up to help grandparents get rights and for Caylee's law. Lets first establish George nor Cindy Anthony had anything to do with Caylee's Law being set up in the first place and there would be NO charges incurred for this law to be put into place or to be enforced. As far as helping grandparents with rights it is apparent that neither George nor CIndy Anthony have any legal knowledge to be able to supply this information to grandparents in the first place. We know the Anthonys paid themselves over 2.5 million dollars for their operating fees from the first fund. We know they purchased a new boat with funds from the first fund and to the best of our knowledge and information supplied to the public they never at anytime assisted any missing child or performed any searches. But, yet 86 percent of the money in Caylee's First Fund was paid out to them. Now the second fund who knows whats going on with that? We know for sure that Dr. Phil made a huge donation to it but other than that. There will never be any proof that they used one dime to finance Caylee's law. This is corruption at its highest level and all on the grave of a murdered child. No money for murder is what we believe in. No grandparent should ever PROFIT off the murder of their grandchild. No grandparent should ever be allowed to set up funds and foundations in the name of a murdered child and have NO accountability for what that money was donated for. We need this investigated and we need to know who is going to be held accountable for money that should have been put into Caylees estate in her name. Please sign the petition for Justice It is what we seek for Caylee Marie. We the people approve this message. Thanks and God bless

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