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Take Child Care and CalWORKs proposed cuts off the table!

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YOU have targeted low-income working parents and our children once again to solve a budget deficit that we did not create. You and the Legislature can still do the right thing: Take child care and CalWORKs proposed cuts off the table so that these successful programs can keep our children safe, keep parents and child care providers working, and help in California's economic recovery! We've worked too hard and come too far to be forced to lose it all! There are too many revenue options that have not been debated and it’s time, like you said, “To put everything on the table, there are no sacred cows.” Use the $1.1 rainy day fund to protect these programs…It’s Raining Now!   

 What are the cuts we want to STOP?

62,000 children lose care leaving parents with few options
The family self-sufficiency level in Los Angeles County is $72,240 for a family of three to meet their basic needs. Proposals to reduce income eligibility by 12% to 200% of federal poverty ($37,060); disqualify parents attending school to increase their education and training; and require parents to work a minimum of 30 hours per week will leave thousands of children without vital child care services.

Over 100,000 child care workers’ jobs at risk
The Governor’s budget proposal reduces the Standard Rate of Reimbursement (SRR) by 10% and the Regional Market Rate Ceilings from the 85th Percentile to the 50th Percentile. These reductions create disincentives to serve children receiving subsidies and force the closure of high quality programs dedicated to serving low-income communities. Programs also face up to a 21% reduction for meal reimbursements due to elimination of state funding.

Dismantling California’s Child Care System
Each year about 500,000 children receive child care services through a system of direct contracts to child care programs and vouchers for parents. Realignment of child care services will unravel California’s mixed delivery system that relies on non-profit, private, and county agencies to respond to local child care needs and support parents and children.

Impact of Governor’s 2012-2013 Child Care Budget Proposals on California’s Parents, Children, Child Care Workers, and Communities

Parents and children

62,000 children lose child care (-$517 million)

• A family of three earning less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level will lose their child care subsidy

o New Eligibility Limits: family of 2= $29,420; family of 3= $37,060; family of 4 = $44,700; family of 5=$52,340

• A parent working less than 30 hours per week or attending school will no longer be eligible for child care services

• For a parent receiving a voucher, the reimbursement rate for their child care program, will be reduced causing a parent’s copayment to potentially rise by $1,200 per year to keep the same care arrangement.

• A parent in the CalWORKs program faces more restrictive work requirements and shorter time limits to reach self-sufficiency (-$1.1 billion reduction)

• Elimination of Transitional Kindergarten will leave parents scrambling to find other child care options at a time when child care programs have been devastated by systemic cuts (-$223.7 million redirected)

Child Care Workers

Over 100,000 child care business owners and early learning educators’ jobs at risk

• Contracted centers will receive a 10% cut to their daily reimbursement rate while serving the same amount of children. For one preschool classroom serving 24 children this means a loss of $20,640 per year

• Family child care providers serving children receiving a voucher will have their maximum reimbursement changed to the 50th percentile instead of the 85th percentile of the

Regional Market Rate Survey. For full-time infant care, this decrease is between $20 and $218 per child, per month depending on the county.

• Elimination of the state portion of meal reimbursements for child care programs could mean up to a 21% reduction to current levels

• Child care programs will have to begin disenrollment of 62,000 children no longer eligible to receive care

• Proposed elimination of contracted programs by 2013 will cause hundreds of child care programs in low-income communities to close and leave child care workers unemployed


• The Governor has proposed dismantling the current child care system at additional cost to the state, families, and local communities

• Realignment of child care services will unravel California’s diverse delivery system that relies on local non-profit, private, and county agencies to respond to local child care needs

• Shifting services out of the Department of Education will require the development of an entirely new child care system and take focus away from the importance of early childhood development and school readiness

How to Take Action:

• Call/Email your representatives

• Send a letter to Governor Brown/your legislator through our action alerts follow "Take Action" Link below:

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• Get involved with your local Parent Voices chapter: -Share your story and the impacts of the cuts with the Family Budget Profile -Join our Paper Doll Campaign

• Circulate our petition to protect child care funding


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