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Pardon Sara Kruzan, Child Sex-Trafficking Victim

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Save Sara petition is to urge the petitioned parties to release child sex-trafficking victim, Sara J. Kruzan immediately with time served. Sara is serving her 18th year of a 25 to Life sentence following former Governor Schwarzenegger's commutation of Kruzan's Life Without Parole plus four years. Sara Kruzan's constitutional rights and civil liberties - specifically her right to a fair trial - had been severely breached during original court proceedings, where the Judge since admitted he did not have proper knowledge of sentencing options for Kruzan [see Habeas Corpus 2010].

At age sixteen, Sara had been a victim of sex-trafficking of pimp and trafficker, George Gibert Howard, aka "G.G". Howard, a 31-year-old sex-trafficker [whom was not referred to as such in the nineties] began grooming Sara when she was only 11 years of age. At this young age, Howard manipulated Sara into his house where he first sexually assaulted her. After being gang-raped at age 13 by a separate group of boys, Howard forced Sara into sexual slavery for his profit. He raped Sara at age 13 and onward during his control over her life. Sara was sentenced at age 16, after years of being trafficked for sex with no pay, battery, forced exposure to deadly diseases such as HIV and/or extreme bodily harm by Johns or "clients".

Sara was a victim of one of the most serious crimes recognized by the United States today, but at the time of Sara's trial, she was treated as a first-degree murderer with Special Circumstances. Sara's sentence - as a sex-trafficking victim killing her abuser - was more severe than the notorious Charles Manson, who has been allowed parole over 12 times. This fact suggests the cruel and unusual nature of Sara's sentence in addition to the Judge's reprehensible misinformation about his sentencing options for Sara. According to his own statement, he did not know he had the option to give Sara a sentence other than Life without Parole [see Writ of HC, 2010].

The nature of the charges, the reasoning for motive and consideration of her abuse, were overlooked during her trial. Moreover, there were no expert witnesses at Sara's trial to examine her state of mind after years of repeated rape, trauma, and abuse. There were no details on how these events could have greatly affected her state of mind at the time of the crime. Therefore the jury was unable to make a fair ruling. Sara also had no support from her drug-addicted, abusive mother, nor the ability to hire an attorney. She was provided a public defender who failed to properly defend the extremely traumatized child and prepare her for cross-examination. Howard's heinous crimes against Sara were never punished. Instead, Sara was punished for shooting and killing her former trafficker, with reasonable doubt about whether it was her decision or an order given by a rival pimp.

Sara took Howard to a motel room and became afraid of Howard when he started to plug in a sex object [with intent to use on Sara]. The murder weapon was not Sara's but rather supplied to her, along with instructions, from a rival pimp who allegedly instructed her to carry out the plan [or else she and her mother would be harmed].

The origin of the murder weapon and her role in planning the murder were not properly investigated nor proven to be Sara's independent mission, nor the state of her mental capacity considered as his former trafficking victim. It is worth noting that Sara was not Howard's only trafficking victim, whom he made work for 12-hours straight as sex slaves without pay. He had his victims under his control through manipulation, fear and then force.

Now, at age 34, Sara has spent half her life in prison. Before that, she was in a prison of sex trafficking and before that, severely physically and emotionally abused by her mother. It's not worth forgetting that Sara had always been a bright girl. She was an accomplished student who made honor roll, who wrote an award-winning book on drugs and its effects; Sara had a bright future ahead of her despite her dark home life.

Then, as an abused runaway, sex-trafficking victim and for 18 years and counting - a convicted first-degree murderer - Sara nonetheless has become a strong, hopeful and intelligent woman. She has been regarded a model prisoner, counseled other female prisoners and has the ability to help so many people in our troubled youth outside of prison. Sara can help prevent free children from going through her nightmare and help guide those with similar hardships. Sara has long been rehabilitated and serves no danger nor threat to the public [see public survey in CA reg. S. Kruzan].

On the contrary, Sara Kruzan is a beacon of courage, a poster child for recovery and a woman with hope for a life in freedom. A freedom that she has never truly experienced. Sara has stated that she is free in her mind. Now it is time for us - and all of you - to search your souls, review the case, and stand for justice after all these years. Sara does not deserve to be forgotten. She deserves to be recognized as a victim with relation to her crime. She deserves to have freedom and a chance at a life without bars after serving an excessive sentence. Her release will be a compassionate gift to the public, to troubled youths, at-risk children and trafficking survivors all around the world.

Governor Schwarzenegger believed that Sara's sentence was excessive given the circumstances of her crime, yet she may still remain in prison nearly another decade and possibly longer. Finally, this is why we the people, ask you to grant Sara Kruzan immediate release with Time Served.

Thank You for your consideration.

The People

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