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Recall Trudeau/ Referendum on Immigration

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Despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of homeless Canadians sleeping on sidewalks tonight; Aboriginal Communities are living in 3rd world conditions; our infrastructure is collapsing;we are in a serious economic downturn with many Canadians out of work and Mr. Trudeau wants to saddle us with the bill for 50,000 refugees with more to come. In addition repurposing our military bases into refugee camps for 24,000 more! Canadians and our veterans are being thrown out on the streets to accommodate his poorly planned election promises. Support the refugees where they are, we could help many more people without destabilizing our own country. By Importing thousands without respect for our women you are putting them in danger, as Sweden, Rotherham and Cologne vividly demonstrate. Canadian women and children deserve better. Mr. Trudeau, if you can not see the turmoil in Europe, and think ahead enough to realize that the same will happen here under your asinine policies than you are not fit to govern this country. You were elected to serve Canadians, not George Soros and the Globalists, along with a corrupt UN aided by a complicit media. I call upon the Canadian people who cherish our country and want it to remain free and secular, to sign this petition and recall the Prime Minister in whom we have no confidence. And further call a referendum on immigration and refugees and let the Canadian people make the decision on the numbers we are willing to support. Europeans had no choice, look where they are today. Turn your back on Trudeau, he has turned his back on Canadians.

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