Petition Closed

The current Government of New Zealand, led by John Key, is quickly destroying the very heart of New Zealand.
They have sold important assets, despite having no mandate from the people to do so.
They have abused parliamentary urgency laws in order to bypass the legislative process.
They are planning to impose invasive, & pervasive, monitoring of the public with their proposed GCSB law, ignoring the advice of the Human Rights Commission.

These are only the tip of the iceberg in the steps that they are taking to erode New Zealand's democracy, & function as a de facto dictatorship.
In short, they are not governing the country, they are taking every step instead, to rule over it.

The Governor-General has it within his reserve powers to dismiss the Government, and halt their actions, before more irreparable damage is done to our country.

Letter to
Governor general of New Zealand Sir Jerry Mateparae
Dismiss the National-led Government of New Zealand.