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Support single payer in Massachusetts-Millions would be saved benefiting everyone

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I am advocating in MA for single-payer. I urge others to advocate for single-payer. If you tally what all the insurance companies (NON-PROFITS) are wasting (do some research on these entities) and all that money were going through the state, with the state administration already in place, I am confident single-payer would be better for all. MA spends $3333. a year per person for MASSHEALTH.  My employer and I pay Blue Cross over $21,000 a year for a family of four. Blue Cross in MA spends millions on executives, millions on an affiliated entity for "administration" and donates to other non-profits!!!! Multiply that many times over-lots of entities doing the exact same thing- and we would be saving millions which could be going to medical bills. MA could show the country it is possible!! I do not want Obamacare repealed, on the other hand, it is literally killing us-people are working for health insurance. I don't know how working people afford it. Everyone...including businesses should be subject to a tax to pay for it.I am sure I would pay less. Please support this petition. Massachusetts could show the federal government it can be done.  It has to start with the States...clearly, the federal goverment isn't going to do it.

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