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Cougar Hunting must become 100% illegal across North America.

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Cougars are the only 'massive' cat in North America. Leopard and Jaguar populations that existed in Southern America are extinct. We have to protect this cat, it is a beautiful and majestic symbol of North America. Cougars are popping up all over North America, in areas we previously thought them extinct. We cannot repeat the mistakes of our predecessors and allow the Mountain Lion to die out. Anyone who calls themselves Canadian, or American should be ashamed if they don't take whatever measures possible to protect this Cat. Puma hunting is outrageous, and should be a thing of the past. People don't need Cougar meat to survive, there is no reason, beyond Trophy hunting to kill this animal. I ask you to look inside and ask yourself; Can I sit by knowing that 11 states allow a Cougar Hunt?? People don't kill household cats, they don't slaughter dogs, what gives anyone the right to kill a Cougar?? If you think likewise, and wish to have the most iconic cat of North America protected then sign this petition. The foundation is there for Cougars to spread back into their historic Eastern Ranges. I call on the Government of Canada and U.S. to take further measures to protect this animal. Statistically under 1 human is killed by a cougar every year (0.77 per year). They are not a threat, they prefer to hunt deer (80% of their diet). Protecting this animal is just one step to ensuring the preservation of North American Wildlife and Ecology. Extreme measures must be taken to protect this animal, from stopping police shootings to ending hunting 100%.

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