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In favour of sex education from childhood

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I hereby request the governments of all countries to enforce the guidelines issued by UNESCO experts in favour of sexual education from the age of 5, including information about masturbation.

In December 2009, UNESCO published a scientific report containing international guidelines on sexual education compiled by a team of experts who analysed more than 80 studies before reaching their conclusions.

These guidelines, which are for teachers and health professionals, consist of educational goals set out according to the age groups of 5-8 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years and 15-18 years, and include subjects such as the importance of relationships, the importance of pleasure, sexual diversities and reproductive sexual health.

However this report, compiled by experts and evidence-based, has been diluted following pressure from religious organisations who, most notably, have had the teaching on masturbation removed (see the report HERE).

The only ones qualified to decide on the educational content are the experts in sexual education, all of whom, like the Raelian Philosophy, acknowledge the importance of not feeling guilty about pleasure, and the sole concern should be the healthy development of the children, up to their coming of age and beyond, without any interference from the religious beliefs of their parents. 

This petition also calls for the UNESCO report on sexual education to be re-issued, this time respecting the experts' studies, and for these fundamental principles, which explain the benefits of early sexual education and thus counter conservative reactions, to be implemented by governments.

A lack  of sexual education is harmful and no one can ignore the devastating effects that taboos and prejudice towards sexuality have on our deeply conservative societies.

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