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I currently have Chronic Lyme disease. I've been in my bed looking at 4 walls, 2 dogs, and the same tv shows every day. I went from working out out, healthy, and working; to seizures, panic attacks, air hunger, unable to walk, unable to talk, tremors, crawling on my belly to get to the bathroom, 2 picc lines, over 15 antibiotics which destroyed my Gi system and required my gallbladder out. Still on antibiotics and a picc line which had to be changed due to puss running up my line to my heart. I now have muscle atrophy, gained 60 lbs because I can't move. Skin breakouts, blurred vision so bad I need the highest strength reading glasses and a magnifying glass to read. I now have Hashimoto's, Reynauds Syndrome, and getting tested for Pots. I am still somehow a positive person and stopped 13 people from suicide. This is just me. Others are in wheel chairs, oxygen tanks, become septic or have Lyme carditis which kills them within 5 years without a heart transplant and if it don't take us out our future could be leukemia, Parkinson's, MS, Lupus, Alzheimer's,Fibromyalgia and more. Many have all the above yet they say all we need is 6 weeks of doxycycline. First of all if they keep up with research they would know it's proven doxycycline nor biaxin can kill off spirochetes completely. THIS IS MURDER WHAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY NEED TO BE REPLACED AND THE GUIDELINES REVISED. We can't even use insurance and you can't even say you have Lyme to a doctor. It's got to stop. They are killing babies, children, people of every age while they just keep making their money from insurance companies who paid them off to make the guidelines minimal. Please help! I have 2 boys who have convinced themselves I'm going to die. I'm a fighter soon everyone will see how much. If I have to suffer, I WILL make a difference for all of us. I feel like there is a reason for everything. I got this to help the ones who can't. And no matter how sick I am or get this will all happen. 

Ive lost most friends beside my dogs. Thank god for them. They help to give me slight joy. Please help us. Over 300,000 or more new cases a year. This year is expected to be the worst, even though that BS article came out about Louisiana being in no threat. Really? I have now been bit twice with bullseye rash etc  HELP HELP HELP PLEASE

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