The UK should host the World Cup, or an alternative tournament, this summer.

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The Prime Minister has stated that the Kremlin has used a war grade chemical nerve agent in an attempted assassination of a citizen on British soil. This is the Russian's state latest manoeuvre in their attempt to undermine and terrify those who it perceives to be its enemies. 

The Prime Minister has already taken some measures against Putin’s Kremlin but we must recognise that they planned this attack with the knowledge that we would respond forcefully. This wasn’t enough to deter them now, and the same old sanctions and expulsions will not be enough to deter the Kremlin in the future. We must be stronger and bolder. 

Our country is at its best when it combines its ingenuity with its capacity for principled leadership and openness to the world. We also happen to be the home of football. 

The best lesson to teach Putin and his fellow kleptocrats is that if you want the benefits of the international club, such as the opportunity to host a major footballing tournament, you can't consistently disrespect and attack, through conventional or unconventional means, other members of the club. I am calling on the Government to seek to host the World Cup, or host an alternative World Cup for friends and allies here in the UK instead. 

Football is a beautiful game, we shouldn’t let it be tainted and misused by barbarians. 

The UK is perfectly prepared prepared to host such a tournament. With Wembley, Old Trafford, the Emirates, and Celtic Park, we have some of the best and largest stadiums in the world. We should capitalise on our great footballing heritage, and work with our friends and allies across the world to teach the Kremlin a lesson they won't forget anytime soon.

This is a lesson we'll be teaching the Russian state not the Russian people. We should allocate thousands of free tickets to the Russian people to send the message that whilst we have had enough of the Kremlin's childish antics, we absolutely welcome and respect the Russian people.