The metropolitan police should take over the day-to-day running of the London taxi trade

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Roland Brewer
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Currently The London taxi trade is run by transport for London (TFL), which they have done so since they were founded in the year 2000. Transport for London are also responsible for the running of the private hire industry and in my opinion having two different entities which provide the same service under one governing body is in my opinion a conflict of interest! Also Taxidrivers undergo the knowledge and provide a superior service to private hire, it is to the taxi trade detriment to be branded as ‘taxi and private hire’ under the TfL banner and should stand in our own right as ‘The London Taxi Trade’ transport for London have also been experiencing financial difficulties in recent years And also struggled to in-force regulation on private hire operators and drivers by returning the London taxi trade to the metropolitan police to run will release funds to and vastly improve their budget also It will free up compliance officers to concentrate solely on the private hire industry and making it far safer for londer’s and tourist to travel in. The Met police have struggled for years with cuts from various governments Returning the London taxi trade to the Met police will provide the Met police with 22,000 licence fees which will