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The Government, tabloid media (the Daily Express): Stop persecuting the unemployed and those too ill to work as "scroungers"


Because not only is such rhetoric morally unacceptable in a decent and compassionate democracy, it is also based on untruths, and is directly impacting the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in society not only in material terms but also now in terms of their very safety in public (increasing incidents of abuse against the disabled etc.) and longevity (scores of sick and disabled claimants unjustly stigmatised for their disadvantages and forced to attend Atos WCAs have taken their own lives, in part, because this Government and the red-top right-wing tabloids - specifically the Daily Express - have been making their lives unbearable. To kick people when they are down, especially those who have mental or physical illnesses through no fault of their own is not an acceptable norm for what is supposed to be a civilised democracy: it is more the kind of stigmatising 'mob' mentality one would expect in a fascist state.

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