Don’t fine parents who keep their children home from school due to COVID-19

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We need to protect the health of children, their families and their teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As a new strain puts increased pressure on the NHS we need to give parents the choice of keeping their children at home without the fear of fines. These are unprecedented times and it calls for unprecedented action.

Some families are more vulnerable than others, so by allowing families a choice to home educate we increase the safety in schools for those children who have to still attend because of social issues or the fact that their parents are key workers. We also reduce the risk to teachers by reducing class sizes. 

At the time of writing this, the National Education Union has told its members in primary schools that it is unsafe to return to work on Monday 4th Jan.  

The National Association of Head Teachers has started legal action against the government plans to reopen schools.

SAGE called for all schools to be closed in January to keep the R rate below 1. This advice was issued on 22 December and ministers have done little to follow it.

The pandemic is a fast evolving situation and regardless of any action by the government, parents need to be able to make the safest choice for their families without fear of fines during the pandemic. Head teachers are best placed to judge the safety in their own schools, parents are best placed to judge the safety in their own family.